Here at Critical Mass Mining we specialize in recovering precious materials from planets all over the universe. As independent traders, we have numerous contracts with landowners to prospect and mine their lands for them. If you own some land, and would like to see if you're sitting on millions of credits of ore, send us a DM, and we'll check it out. DM Meretrix Druian for more information, or you may visit our forums.

Please enjoy the news below as we keep you updated with the latest events and happenings.

New Ownership

Critical Mass Mining welcomes its new leader Meretrix Druian.  Meretrix Druian has a long history on the Combine.  Working numerous jobs across the galaxy from ship building, trading, recycling, and finally mining, Meretrix brings a wealth of knowledge in hopes of bringing Critical Mass Mining into a new era of profitability.  Over the next several weeks CMM will be concentrating on rebuilding core assets and ships to provide the needed infrastructure.  If your land tract needs to be scanned for materials, please contact CMM so we can get you on our schedule.


Resort Construction Interrupted

Critical Mass Mining had begun construction of a Holiday Resort for families around the universe to visit, but apparently the New Republic wants their citizens to not have any vacation as the New Republic has arrested hundreds of innocent civilian builders and is holding them captive. Any attempts to talk with leaders of the New Republic to guarantee the safety of these civilians has been met with animosity.


New Prospecting Operations

Critical Mass Mining is underway on it's new prospecting operations that will be spanning more than 20 planets. We hope to see huge deposits of several raw materials in the near future!


More mines built and started!

CMM has already built and launched over a dozen new mines since it's foundation. Things are looking great for the company! Several new deposits have been found by the advanced prospect team as well.


Excitement grows among employees

With mining operations beginning around the universe for the brave new souls at Critical Mass Mining, it is a time of great excitement. "I am just excited at the opportunity of getting to explore new lands that no one has explored before", said CMM employee Torch Drazin. "I think it is just gonna be amazing."

With at least 11 planets already signed up and ready for prospecting, and countless others who are sure to sign up for our services, CMM is poised to be working full force for the foreseeable future. We are always looking for personnel with experience in the prospecting and mining operations. If you feel that your are able to handle a large workload and gain more experience, please DM Jophis Drazin for more information.

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